Privacy Notice

When browsing the ADRIFT project website, the university’s website privacy statement will apply to information that may be collected and used through accessing this website.

If you choose to become a participant in this citizen science research project, additional information may be processed and held about you by the University of Technology Sydney, Australia (UTS), and by the University of Otago, New Zealand (UO). This processing is necessary for the research project approved by the universities ethics committees (UTS ref. ETH18-3291; UO ref. 18/179). Further details about how information is processed is provided below.

Collecting information

UTS will collect information from you when you set up your account, including your name and contact details. Your activity within the site will be recorded to enable surveys to be distributed at certain points during your participation.

If you choose to login via your Google or Facebook accounts, refer also to the privacy policies of those parties about how they may process your information as a result.

When you access pages at, your IP address and time of access will be logged on our servers for general analytics, however this will not be associated with your login information. Similarly, when the data you submit to the project from your drift trajectories is exported, it is anonymized.

Where surveys about your participation are sent to you, your responses will be processed by the University of Otago. UTS will only receive aggregated de-identified survey results.

Using your information

Your personal information will be used:

  • to facilitate your ability to login and upload research data
  • to distribute surveys to you at certain points in your participation in this project, and to process your survey responses
  • to maintain communication with you regarding your participation and during the project and in relation to its outcomes

Information held may also be used for quality management and improvement processes associated with the project and website design.

Disclosure of information

Your information may be disclosed to Qualtrics where relevant to facilitate the completion of surveys as part of this project. Information provided by you on a survey will be received by the University of Otago. Only de-identified aggregated results are provided back to UTS. The University of Otago does not have access to your personal information via the project website.

Your personal information will not otherwise be disclosed without your consent unless disclosure is required or permitted by law.

Our partners involved in this research project, the Bureau of Meteorology and Australia’s Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS), and our funder, the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (DIIS) will not have access to any personal information.

Managing your information

Any data submitted by you will be extracted from the project website in an anonymous form. You may request to have your profile deleted from the website at any time and discontinue your involvement. Otherwise any information held about you will be held by UTS in accordance with legal retention requirements.

Additionally, you can make a request to access, correct, or delete information held about you, or restrict, object to, or make a complaint about how your information is being processed. See below under contacts.

Contacts and further information

It you wish to make a request under this notice, please contact in the first instance.

Further information about your privacy you can visit: